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Folio Career Transition Manual

Copyright © 2000 by Valerie Frederickson, MS, CMP and Paul Strickberger, MS. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reprinted, or reproduced or utilized in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the authors.
The manual is provided in "PDF" file format. In order to view these files you will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a Reader, you may download it for free.
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Table of Contents

  Foreword Section 3: Moving Forward
  Section 1: The Beginning Section 4: Problem Solving
  Section 2: Taking Stock

Appendix and Tools


We designed Folio© Career Transition Manual as a step-by-step guide for individuals going through a job or career change. The material in the manual was carefully chosen as a result of our experiences over the years at Valerie Frederickson & Company helping hundreds of candidates face and overcome the many hurdles associated with the job/career transition process.

Although there are an abundance of books and manuals on career and job change on the market, we felt there was a need for a tool that presented the essentials in a way that was as straightforward and direct as possible. To this end, Folio is designed to be a supportive, personal resource that condenses the most important information into a user-friendly guide.

Throughout the manual we give direct advice on specific issues that we have observed to be particularly troublesome to candidates. In addition to covering the basics of networking and interviewing, we also provide a large Appendix section with many examples of resumes, cover letters, and other useful forms.

As a service, we have placed the complete version of Folio on this site free of charge. We hope that you find it to be a useful resource.

There are many other excellent sources for career/job information on the Web. Please see the job links section for an extensive list of job sites in many different categories.

Section 1: The Beginning

The Beginning

Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduces Valerie Frederickson & Company and our career management services. Describes the "Blessings and Curses" of a career search.

Chapter 2: The Separation

Covers specific information on what to do when you lose your job, including handling Human Resources, Unemployment Insurance, and beginning the networking process.

Chapter 3: The Transition

How to deal with both psychological and practical aspects of the transition including what to tell family members and networking prospects, and how to fill those first weeks after a job loss.

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Section 2: Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Chapter 4: Self-Assessment

Provides some basic self-assessment tools to assist with career decision-making.

Chapter 5: Accomplishments

An essential chapter where we introduce a model for developing accomplishment statements. These statements will later form the basis of a resume and provide an excellent way to prepare for interviews.

Chapter 6: The Resume

Covers resume basics including types of resumes and dealing with special circumstances.

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Section 3: Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Chapter 7: Networking

Provides instruction on this essential job search method including developing a “30-second commercial”, networking meetings, and specific phone marketing techniques.

Chapter 8: The Job Search

Covers job market assessment including company and labor market research. We also discuss search strategies including dealing with search firms, going to job fairs and conventions, and job search letters, .

Chapter 9: Dealing With References

Provides pointers on how to prepare your references.

Chapter 10: Interviewing

We give you nine essential qualities that an interviewer looks for and tips that will help you to demonstrate these qualities.

Chapter 11: Salary Negotiation

Includes how to determine what is appropriate compensation and then how to negotiate and close the deal.

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Section 4: Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Chapter 12: Coping With Problems

Career transition is inherently stressful. This chapter provides state-of-the-art techniques to cope with common stress-related issues including depression, anxiety, and procrastination.

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Appendix and Tools

Appendix and Tools

Appendix 5: Accomplishments

  • Appendix 5a: Examples of Accomplishment Statements
  • Appendix 5b: Accomplishment Worksheet
  • Appendix 5c: Accomplishment Action Verbs
  • Appendix 5d: Summary Sheet of Accomplishments

Appendix 6: The Resume

  • Appendix 6a: Types of Resumes
  • Appendix 6b: Cover Letters

Appendix 7: Networking

  • Appendix 7a: Sample Job Search Letters
  • Appendix 7b: Sample Response to an Ad

Appendix 8: The Job Search

  • Appendix 8: Potential Reference Worksheet

Appendix 10: Interviewing

  • Appendix 10a: Sample Interview Questions
  • Appendix 10b: Sample Application for Employment

Appendix 12: Problem Solving

  • Appendix 12a: Types of Cognitive Distortions
  • Appendix 12b: The Daily Mood Log
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