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This site is designed to be a comprehensive job and career resource. It contains a database of categorized job and career links including:
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    All Around Job/Career Sites

    These sites are excellent jumping off places if you want to find resources on any aspect of the job search from resumes, cover letters, to overall strategies. They are especially useful for first time (or rusty) job seekers, or those contemplating a career change.


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    Job Search Engines

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    General (Information/Tools)

    • Unemployed Workers Resource This resource is available to help the unemployed learn more about the unemployment system, to share their experiences and concerns, and to participate in the national debate over aid to the jobless.

    Benefits (Information/Tools)

    Career Choice (Information/Tools)

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    Employment Law (Information/Tools) See Also Law- Industries

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    Interviewing (Information/Tools)

    Job Hunting (Information/Tools)

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    Networking (Information/Tools)

    Professional Associations (Networking- Information/Tools)
    (These are databases of associations. For associations relating to particular professions, go to the industries section.)

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    Company Research (Information/Tools)

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    Recruiting/Staffing (Information/Tools)

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    Salary (Information/Tools)

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    Geographic Sites

    United States (Geographic Sites)

    US States: A-K

    California > SF Bay Area

    US States: L-N

    US States: O-W

    World (Geographic Sites)

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    Education and Training

    General (Education and Training)

    Financial Aid (Education and Training)

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    Foreign/International Study (Education and Training)

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    Internships & Fellowships (Education and Training)
    (for Foreign Internships see Foreign Study)

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    Job/Career Events

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